Tri-Cities’ longest mural unveiled in downtown Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. — If you’ve driven up and down Columbia Drive in Kennewick recently, you may have seen the massive mural on the side of KIE Supply’s building.

The 134-foot mural has been claimed as the Tri-Cities’ longest mural; artist Heidi Elkington said at its’ highest point the mural is 14 feet.

That means Elkington free-handed an 1,876 foot mural by herself.

No rulers, no tape-measurers, just her imagination and talent.

She said it took 19 days to complete, luckily, she got started in June, when the weather remained cool.

KIE approached Elkington some time ago to commission her work on the side of their building.

Elkington said she was grateful they gave her free-range of what the mural could contain, as long as she payed homage to the Tri-Cities and the family behind KIE’s history. This meant painting individuals in a canoe, and a beaver, honoring the family who settled in the region and were fur-trappers, many decades ago.

“Really wanted to do something that represented the Tri-Cities and so I just thought about the things that I love and this place and growing up here I ride my bike everywhere so I really look at the hills I look at the river, so I just painted the things that make it so beautiful and wonderful to me,” Elkington said.

On Thursday, the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership hosted a ribbon cutting at KIE Supply to celebrate the mural’s completion.

Heidi oozed gratitude as KIE Supply thanked her for her work; often times she spent around 8 hours a day working on the mural.

Heidi also encouraged other business owners, especially in the downtown Kennewick area, to commission an artist like herself to paint a mural on a blank, exterior wall they may have. She said not only does it add to beautification of the city but also prevents vandals from tagging the building.

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