Tri-Cities medical spa raising money for school lunch debt

The season of giving continues to spread across the area.

Lip·Ology Med Spa, near Gage Boulevard and Steptoe Street, is raising money for school lunch debt — a trend spreading rapidly through many other businesses in the area. For the owner, they got the idea from another restaurant and their own personal experience.

“This was close to our hearts and you know, hearing that there are still children that have you know, no school lunches and big bills that kind of ranks on your heart a whole lot,” said Blake Bitton, co-owner of Lip·Ology Med Spa.

Bitton and his business partner started raising money a little before Thanksgiving. 10% of their wrinkle relaxed treatment goes to school lunch debt. In less than one week, they’ve raised about $500.

They’re not sure yet what schools they’ll donate the money to, but are looking foward to easing the burden for students.

“This is kind of one of the underdogs that doesn’t really get taken care of a whole lot of,” Bitton explained. “I think it’s necessary and warranted. If we can just try to remember to do it — something small, every month or every week. Whatever we can do, I think we would be much better off.”

Lip·Ology Med Spa will run this promotion until Christmas.