Tri-Cities officials encourage home and business owners to remove snow from sidewalks

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Three different Tri-Cities officials, all asking you to do the same thing.

“The sidewalk adjacent to their property is their responsibility to keep free and clear of snow and any objects on the sidewalk,” Evelyn Lusignan with the city of Kennewick said.

“It’s a requirement in the city for residents and businesses to clear the sidewalk,” Carlo D’Alessandro with Richland said.

“We ask that the business owners and homeowners please keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice as best they can,” Jon Funfar with Pasco said.

So yes, all three cities in the Tri-Cities require you to remove snow from sidewalks near your home or business.

Carlo D’Alessandro with the city of Richland said their municipal code asks residents to do it in a reasonable timeframe.

“In my mind that would be within a day of the weather event,” he said.

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If it’s icy, you may want to act sooner.

“Probably a better idea to get that addressed sooner than the day; try to throw some salt down to clear some ice,” he suggested.

It’s not just a safety issue, these officials said many people in the Tri-Cities rely on clear sidewalks.

“Just to be good neighbors and help those with mobility issues,” Funfar said.

“Sometimes the snowfall accumulates so much that kids can’t walk down certain sidewalk and resort to walking in the road which is really unsafe,” Lusignan added.

Not clearing snow could also become a legal issue if someone were to slip.

“Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt but their is the liability there as well,” she said.

The city of Walla Walla posted on Facebook reminding residents that the snow citizens plow should not go back on the street.

“We would just ask that business owners and residents keep snow on their premises rather than pushing it out into the city street. If it’s already been plowed then we’re kind of stepping backwards, if it hasn’t been it just creates more work for our crews. We’re just trying to create the most safest and efficient throughways for traffic in the city,” Shane Prudente with Walla Walla Public Works said.