Tri-Cities organization, Columbia Industries, creates catchy tune to share their mission

KENNEWICK, Wash. — They’re calling it the CI shuffle, for Columbia Industries.

CEO and President of Columbia Industries Michael Novakovich explained where the concept came from.

“So when I landed at CI, I asked if there was like common language something that was just a CI thing. Nobody could quite put their finger on it but the thing we all recognized was that everybody in there was constantly scrambling – in a real positive way to ensure that we’re providing good services to our community so everybody was working really hard, they were hustling – they were shuffling,” Novakovich explained.

So Novakovich, and the creative team got to work, writing the lyrics and planning out the music video for the CI Shuffle.

But first, he had to get people on board.

“Do you want to be in a video? Not knowing – because this is kind of out of peoples’ comfort zone,” he laughed, “I didn’t know if they’d be like ‘oh geez really?'”

Columbia Industries offers a ton of services, whether it’s connecting people with housing resources or helping them enter the workforce.

“People now recognize there’s a resource here in the Tri-Cities they can access as we’re removing barriers to employment for any individual with life challenges, or maybe it’s our center for social inclusion that we’re here for them,” Novakovich said.

They also have a business services division that they want people to learn about by watching the music video.

“They’re helping our nonprofit mission services, so while they may be feeding themselves for dinner they’re actually taking care of our community in another way,” he said.

Recently, Columbia Industries had their annual fundraiser, Evening of Miracles. During the fundraiser, $125,000 was raised which will go back to the missions Columbia Industries serves.

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