Tri-Cities private school bans students from using cell phones on campus

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RICHLAND, Wash. — Two weeks ago, Liberty Christian School introduced a “No Cell Phone Policy” for the entire campus from students’ arrival to dismissal.

“Before winter break, the halls used to be so quiet. Now, the halls are filled with laughter and talking in between class periods,” said Bethany Mark, the school’s development and marketing coordinator.

The policy states that student should store their phones and keep them off from as soon as they arrive on campus until the 3:15 PM class dismissal. If they violate the policy, they have to check their phone into the front office until the end of the day. If students need to contact home at any time, they are encouraged to stop by the front office.

While this policy is new to the middle and high schools, the elementary classrooms have been cell phone free.

Tammy Mattoon, a parent of 8th and 4th graders at the school, shared her appreciation of the new policy, with technology influencing the increase of mental health problems in kids and adults across the board, according to a news release.

“I hope we create a trend for our other local schools’ to follow our lead in this decision. We want our kids to be great communicators and connectors. Addiction to technology hinders actual relationships from being built. We know that they will be better for their time away from technology during school hours,” said Mattoon.