Tri-Cities restaurant, fed up with third-party delivery, finds new solution

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. – During the pandemic, restaurants have relied on delivery services like Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub. They’ve also had to adapt as restrictions have evolved.

However, the Owner of The Chicken Shack, Tracy LaMarr, said they ran into several problems with these service’s drivers.

“Misdelivered (sic) items, remaking food if it was delivered to the wrong house and sometimes even taking it ourselves,” LaMarr said.

At the two, soon to be three, Chicken Shack locations, employees hold themselves to a high standard. LaMarr said with consistent delivery problems, they all became fed up.

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“It’s just like this vicious cycle of never doing good enough, or well enough and I think it has to do with the fact of some of the experiences are out of our control,” she said.

So, after much considerations, LaMarr cut the cord with all third party delivery companies. She said at first, they were concerned about a financial hit, but they couldn’t continue on the path they were headed.

“Never the right time, just the right thing,” she said.

Chicken Shack now works exclusively with Tri-Cities Food Force, a local delivery service that works with over 50 restaurants.

While LaMarr is the owner of TCFF, they’re aiming to keep money local.

“Most importantly, we want to treat the restaurants well the customers well and sometimes things go wrong but we’re gonna make it right,” Carrie Perry, the Operations Manager said.

Perry added, they’re able to resolve any issues with a restaurant faster because they’re locally operated.

“They have a phone number, they have a live person, you know it doesn’t take three days,” she said.

LaMarr is hopeful it’ll be better in the long run, while keeping locally-owned restaurants up and running.

“We’re fighting really hard to keep as much money in the pocket of our restaurants as we can. I hope it just continues to grow,” she said.

TCFF is only online, but they are working on a mobile phone app. You can order from a local restaurant by visiting their page.

Most delivery services like Uber Eats do enable you to message your delivery driver and their websites have places to contact customer services.