Tri-City Court Club reopens as The Pacific Clinic

The Pacific Clini

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Tri-City Court Club reopened Tuesday under the same ownership but a new name and brand.

The 44-year staple of the Tri-Cities will now be called The Pacific Clinic. It will provide almost all of the same services, including use of tennis courts, gym equipment and therapy services. However, during the pandemic, members will need a doctor’s referral or an assessment taken through the clinic.

“Over the years it’s always had a health emphasis,” said Dr. Carl Cadwell. “We have a physical therapy clinic that is upstairs, and last year we put in the recovery zone which has some tremendous things that helps people recover from injuries.”

The goal is to utilize those resources in a safe and approved way. Some resources at the club were never even able to be used because of the pandemic.

“Right as COVID-19 hit we put in a brain treatment center, and we really never got to open it,” said Dr. Cadwell. “When the clubs were shut down by the governor we said, ‘What can we do? Well, we’re already a clinic, we already have all this stuff.”

Currently, under state restrictions, members can only work out or use facilities if they are under primary care provider, physician, dietitian, chiropractic, or physical therapist prescribed programs.

To use The Pacific Clinic, Tri-City Court Club members can complete a functional health and wellness assessment through the clinic either online, in-person or by phone. The $45 assessment fee is waived through the end of September. 

They are still implementing social distancing and other safety measures, and reservations will need to be made in order to use any of the services.

“Now we can help people in a different way, but in very much the same way, said Dr. Cadwell. “We know that exercise is a form of medicine, and exercise can really help people during this time.”

All Tri-City Court Club memberships are now active and members will be billed starting September 1. Fees will not change. Members that would like to put their membership on hold or cancel it can call membership services at (509) 783-5465 x122 or x124.