Tri-City fire district searches for more volunteers to staff fire stations

Fire districts across the Tri-Cities rely on volunteers. It allows districts to save money and still provide top-notch care to the community

Volunteers are always needed, but you don’t have to become a firefighter in order to volunteer.

“I’m not a firefighter. I have no firefighter background,” said Bill Leach, volunteer for Benton County Fire District #4. “All mine is in investigation. I do some administrative stuff for them, set up some training opportunities for them.”

Leach is also the Deputy Coroner for Benton County. He’s been volunteering since 2014.

“I had the opportunity to go to some training that I never would have had the opportunity through the district and Region 8, which encompasses many fire departments,” Leach said.

District #4 currently has 35 volunteers. Leach does fire investigations and a slew of other jobs at the district. There are others always up for grabs.

“IT, somebody who knows how to do mechanical work, somebody who can do building maintenance, somebody who can do background investigations,” Leach explained.

Those who volunteer do it for different reasons. Leach says he does it because of something he was taught as a child.

“My mom taught me when I was very young, anytime you take from somebody you have to give back something more and so I’ve always had that in my mind,” he said. “The guys that volunteer, specifically in District 4 and I’m sure in other districts as well, they have a strong commitment to their community.”

Leach wants to encourage community members to volunteer no matter what district they live in.

“If a person thinks that they don’t have the qualifications first off to be a volunteer, you have to volunteer to figure out what your qualifications are that might match with what the agency needs,” Leach said. “Whatever your specialty is in life, no matter where you work, there may be a need for you at a fire agency.”

To learn more about how you can volunteer at district #4, click here.

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