Tri-City Raceway has successful re-opening weekend; thousands in attendance

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — The Tri-City Raceway reopened their doors for the first Fall Classic since 2004. Tickets sold out to packed stands, with 4,000 in attendance on both Saturday and Sunday.

The raceway recently changed ownership after the City of West Richland purchased the land. While the city plans to use the lot for other buildings, they’re working with Tri-City Raceway team to bring back events to the Tri-Cities.

This weekend was the Fall Classic; over $89,000 in awards were given out to the winners of each division in the races. Each day hosted six races between five different classes. Competitors came from all over the Northwest to participate in the Fall Classic.

Saturday was a little rough on the parking end. With maxed out capacity, organizers were not expecting to run out of room in their parking lots.

“Yesterday got out of hand with parking, we addressed it right away,” said Race Event Promoter Greg Walden. “We’re better at it today, and we’ll get better next time.” Sunday fared much better, with satellite parking lots and shuttles every 5 to 20 minutes.

Tri-City Raceway doesn’t expect to have a consistent season in the future. Instead, they’re focusing on “super star events,” where large groups can gather for entertainment.

Fans can expect one to two large racing events annually, along with other events. Last year, the track hosted a drive-in movie night.

Control of the raceway is a partnership between the City of West Richland and the Tri-City Raceway as a non-profit. “It’s built to expand and give back to the community,” Walden says.

“I know we brought in well over 4,000 people from outside the community into Tri-Cities for rooms, restaurants, and entertainment,” Walden continues. “That’s the goal. This is an economic sprinkler. We’re impressed with how go it’s going.”