Trio of Richland thieves wanted by police for pickpocketing scheme

Image credit: Richland WA Police Department, Facebook

RICHLAND, Wash. — Officer Mason of the Richland Police Department is searching for three-to-five suspects who are linked to a retail theft scheme targeting single women shopping at local stores.

According to a social media post by local police, this organized scheme involves suspects distracting their target by opening up a conversation while someone else sneaks up and steals their wallets.

Up to this point, Richland Police officers say that the suspects have targeted women who shop with a car and leave their purse sitting in the child’s seat. The suspects tend to open up a conversation about a nearby product or food to drive their attention away from their carts.

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So far, Richland police officers have confirmed three instances of this scheme. None of the victims were made aware t the fact that their wallet was missing until they arrived at the cash register to pay for their products.

By the time the victims realized that their wallets were missing, the suspects have escaped the location of the theft having used the victim’s credit/debit cards to make purchases.

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So far, the scheme has been pulled off at Walmart locations in Richland and Pasco. However, local law enforcement is on high alert, hoping to catch these suspects in the act at any local establishment.

Anyone with information that may contribute to the investigation is urged to contact (509) 628-0333 and reference Case No. 21-26372.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up may be issued once further details are uncovered.


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