Trios announces opening of new birth center, construction ahead of schedule

Trios announces opening of new birth center, construction ahead of schedule

KENNEWICK,  Wash. — On March 29th, Trios will open the doors to their brand new, 23,376 square foot birth center at their Southridge Hospital Campus.

The new facility includes two rooms for Caesarean Section deliveries, six labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum or (LDRP) rooms as well as a 10-bed Critical Care Nursery for babies born after 32 weeks gestation.

“We are eager to open the doors of our new birth center to expectant mothers and their families,” said John Solheim, Trios Health Chief Executive Officer in a written statement. “It has been a long time coming to bring all of our hospital services under one roof, and we are incredibly excited for the public to see the new space and for families to be able to welcome their babies at our Trios Birth Center.”

The birth center was constructed on the second and third floors of the hospital with 9,970 square feet of existing space that was renovated for the project. From that space, eleven beds were converted into postpartum space for mothers. To make up for the beds that were converted, construction is continuing on the third floor to relocate them.

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The building was completed by Layton Construction, which is also working on the third-floor expansion.

“Layton Construction has been incredible with this project and has continuously delivered on time and ahead of schedule,” Solheim said. “We are grateful to have worked with them and for the professionalism and dedication they have brought to this project. We know they are eager to turn over the new unit to us and see it open to the public.

The Trios Birth Center is also ahead of schedule. Officials said it was supposed to open in late April but instead, will open about a month earlier than they anticipated.

Since the birth center has also moved from their Auburn Street location to Southridge, so will the Trios Obstetrics and Women’s Health Clinic which will be located on the sixth floor of the hospital.

In a press release from Trios, the team stated: Patients in labor should check in at the Emergency Room entrance on the Southridge campus from March 29 forward. They will be guided on where to go once they arrive. Prior to 7 a.m. on March 29, patients in labor should continue to check-in at the Family Birth Center on the Auburn campus.