Trios Health announces employee layoffs

Trios Health announces employee layoffs

Exactly 25 employees are laid off from Trios Health in Kennewick and others are facing cut hours as the system deals with a debt crisis.

The amount of money saved is equivalent to 115 employees.

Trios Health lost at least $24 million from 2013 to 2016.

It hopes to save about $2.2 million from these changes effective on April 1, but $4.3 million annually.

The employees let go have known they would be losing their jobs for weeks.

Trios Health has been discussing a plan with a consultant for months now.

The interim CEO expressed this has been a difficult time for everyone involved, but a necessary step to save Trios Health.

However, there is something he wants the public to know.

“I hope the misconception that this will adversely affect patient care is not there because it will not,” said Craig Cudworth, interim CEO for Trios Health. “At the end of this process we will have restored the institution to financial health, we can move forward in the future without any worries,” he said.

Trios Health has looked into the steps necessary to file bankruptcy just in case it comes to that.

It does not anticipate it will need to file, but Cudworth said if this does happen, services to patients will not stop.

It also does not anticipate any more job cuts.