Truck used to haul debris caught fire on the Hanford nuclear reservation

RICHLAND, Wash. — A truck used to haul non-radiological material from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation caught fire on Monday morning, but a swift response from nearby fire teams rectified the situation without incident.

According to an update from the Hanford team, the vehicle caught fire in the 200 East Area of the site on the morning of October 4, 2021. The One Hanford team deducted that the engine compartment of the truck caught fire near the on-site Effluent Treatment Facility.

The driver was able to escape the vehicle without being harmed, and the Hanford Fire Department extinguished the fire without incident shortly after. As a result of their prompt response, no one was injured in this incident.

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This truck was loaded with an empty container from Hanford’s Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility. the container was not directly exposed to the fire and is oftentimes used to haul materials like construction debris away from the site.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up will be issued if further details are revealed.


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