TV Show Helps Find Murderer in Yakima Cold Case

TV Show Helps Find Murderer in Yakima Cold Case

On Feb. 16, 1997 at about 10:30 a.m. Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies and eventually Detectives responded to the 1000 block of Naches Wenas Grade outside of Naches, regarding an unknown medical situation involving an unconscious person inside a vehicle. Arriving Deputies determined that the female had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head. A homicide investigation was initiated.

An autopsy confirmed that the female, who was identified Deborah Bailey, 32, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

An extensive homicide investigation was conducted, including the examination of evidence and the taking of interviews from numerous persons, in an attempt to determine who had committed this crime and why. Yakima County Sheriff’s Office investigators continued to actively investigate the homicide for many years, but didn’t have enough information to make an arrest although persons of interest were identified.

In the summer of 2014 Yakima SO Detectives were contacted by the Turner Network Television (TNT) program ‘Cold Justice’ to see if Yakima SO investigators had a cold case that would be benefitted by a fresh look into the case, along with the expertise and assistance of experienced investigators associated with the Cold Justice program.

Yakima SO Detectives determined that the Deborah Bailey homicide case would benefit meaningfully from a renewed investigation with an outside perspective that would be provided by the Cold Justice investigators.

Cold Justice producers, investigators and production crews came to Yakima in Sept. 2014, at which time Yakima SO Detectives Judd Towell and Dave Johnson, assisted by many members of the Yakima SO Detective Division, spent time taking a fresh look into the case including the re-interviewing of key persons involved in the case.

The Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office was brought into the loop during the investigation and advised of the findings after the fresh look into the case; however, charges were not filed by the Prosecutors Office at that time.

We are very pleased to announce that with the support of newly elected Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic and his Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys, an arrest warrant for 60 year old Barrett Bailey was obtained on Jan. 13, 2015 and Mr. Bailey was arrested in Idaho by Yakima County Sheriff’s Detectives Towell and Johnson on Jan. 14, 2015.

Mr. Bailey has waived extradition and is expected to be transported back to the Yakima County jail on Jan. 15 to face a charge of First Degree Murder.

The TNT national television program Cold Justice will feature this renewed investigation and fresh look into the Deborah Bailey homicide case, culminating in the arrest of a suspect, this coming Friday, Jan. 16 in the evening. The show is titled “Miss Congeniality”.