Twin sisters run for office in opposing parties

Twin sisters run for office in opposing parties

Identical twin sisters from Michigan are both running for public office–in opposing parties.

On the outside, Jessica Ann Tyson and Monica Sparks seem identical in every way. But once you get the sisters talking about politics, their stark differences emerge.

“The reason that I’m standing as a Democrat is funny because she said the same thing, but we just see through two different lenses,” Sparks said.

WXMI reports Tyson first decided to run for Kent County Commissioner in the 13th district as a Republican. Sparks was inspired by the move and decided to run for a seat in the 12th district as a Democrat, but the decision took a toll.

“She’s my biggest cheerleader and right now I don’t have my biggest cheerleader,” Tyson said.

The sisters say a painful childhood is the fuel that propels them to want to do good for Kent County. And although they sit on different sides of the aisle, they both say they’ll never write each other off because of it.

“Left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird,” Sparks said.