Two drive-by shooting suspects surrender to police in Grant County

Armed and Dangerous trio on the loose in Mattawa, Grant County

UPDATE (6:20 p.m.): The Grant County Sheriff’s Office has cancelled the search for two drive-by shooting suspects after they turned themselves in to police.

Authorities Tweeted at 6:20 p.m. Thursday that Rodrigo Quiroz, 19, and Melchor Celaya, 19, surrendered to the Mattawa Police Department.


MATTAWA, Wash. — Local authorities in Grant County are on high alert looking for three suspects who are considered armed and dangerous after a string of drive-by shootings on Thursday morning.

According to a public alert issued by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department on May 20, the suspects were involved in targeted attacks in Mattawa. Two of the suspects have been identified up to this point, but a third suspect has yet to be recognized by local authorities.

The first suspect is named Rodrigo Quiroz. He is a 19-year-old Hispanic male who is about 5’08” tall, per the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. In his photo, Quiroz is shown having jet black hair and earrings in each of his ears.

The second suspect is named Melchor Celaya. Like Quiroz, he is also a 19-year-old Hispanic male who is recorded at 4-09” tall, 101 lbs. In his most recent photo, Celaya had long brown hair, a slight mustache and a short goatee. Officers did not say when these photos were taken, so please be advised the physical traits pictured may be slightly different at this point.

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As previously mentioned, a third suspect was seen with the duo but has not been identified at this point in the investigation.

Their last known location is in the area of SR 243 and Road 24-Southwest near Mattawa. Officers say they abandoned their vehicle in the area, so there’s a decent chance that the trio is traveling on foot.

Though no injuries were reported during these targeted shootings, they are still considered armed and dangerous. If you have any information that may contribute to this investigation, you’re urged to reach out to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department directly at 509-762-1160.


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