UPDATE: Two teens damaged 31 car windows with a BB gun in West Richland, police say

UPDATE, 3:30 p.m. — Two teenagers have been identified for the destruction of 31 car and residential windows in West Richland. The incident happened over the weekend.

“So initially, I believe it was targeted towards one of the residents that they knew of,” says Sargent Ryan Boyle of West Richland Police Department (WRPD). “And then from there one I think the rest, or the remainder of them were random. Randomly selected.”

Some of the destroyed car and residential windows were located in a neighborhood near Bombing Range Road, in a several block radius. Other windows were destroyed in random locations throughout West Richland.

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One resident in the neighborhood, who preferred to not be identified, told KAPP-KVEW that two of their car windows were destroyed, and cost around $1,000 to replace. The car parts were sourced from a junkyard, and they did the installation themselves.

The teenagers responsible have not released a statement as to why they decided to shoot windows with BB guns. Both suspects are currently being interviewed and investigations are ongoing. One is currently in Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center, the other is being reviewed for charges.


WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — The West Richland Police Department says two teenagers caused thousands of dollars in damage with a BB gun after 31 car windows were struck.

Police say three vehicles in West Richland were struck by a BB gun Thursday night and had their windows shot out.

Investigators say the victim’s vehicles were spread out throughout the city and could not identify any suspects.

On Friday, more than a dozen vehicles in a centralized area had their windows shot out by a BB gun, according to police.

The West Richland Police Department received a tip about a possible suspect who lived within the area where more than a dozen vehicles were damaged Friday night.

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Police say the first suspect admitted to the crimes and identified a second suspect.

Investigators say both of the suspects are 13-years-old.

There were 16 victims with damaged vehicles, according to police.

Investigators found 31 windows damaged, and believe repairs will cost more than $9,000.

The teenagers have been charged with first degree malicious mischief.