Uber driver waits for Pasco city approval

Uber driver waits for Pasco city approval

Uber drivers are waiting for the green light to pick up riders in Pasco.

Drivers say one of the things standing in their way is what Pasco police see as a safety issue.

Retired Hermiston firefighter Scott Cahill has found a new way to serve the community.

He picks up his phone, opens the Uber app and instantly prepares to pick up anyone in need of a ride.

Riders who use the Uber app, receive all the information they need about their Uber driver, before they even arrive.

“You know the driver’s name, you have his picture, you have the make and model of his car and you also have their license plate number,” said Cahill.

Drivers also undergo background checks and strict vehicle inspections.

However, Pasco police Chief Bob Metzger said, it’s not enough.

“The problem is, how do we know who you are to begin with?” said Chief Metzger. “We could give a background to anybody, I could say for example you are Joan smith. How do I know you are really Joan Smith? I don’t. If I take your fingerprints then I know who Joan Smith is,” he said.

“You have a tremendous amount of information already about the driver who is coming to pick you up. I don’t know how fingerprinting is going to give a fighter that information,” said Cahill.

Over at club “Out and About” in Pasco, bar manager Jay Chavez not only feels like Uber is safe, but thinks Pasco business are missing out on something that Kennewick and Richland businesses get to participate in, thanks to Uber.

“A lot of businesses have expressed that they would love more customers, more people coming from other parts of the Tri-Cities,” said Chavez. “Having a safe ride here and having a safe ride back, that’s very important.”

As for Cahill, he said his riders don’t understand the hold-up.

“To them it just seems senseless that I can’t pick them up in Pasco,” he said. “I would really just like to see Pasco embrace Uber or Lyft or whoever comes here,” he said.

So far Uber has been approved in Richland, West Richland and Kennewick.

Uber has said they it will not enter cities where fingerprinting is a requirement.