Uber enters Europe’s bike-sharing market

Uber announced Wednesday it is set to launch the company’s JUMP electric bicycle-sharing service in Germany.

Reuters reported the ride-hailing service, which has been banned from several European cities, hopes the move will help the company diversify and make new connections with local officials.

“I want this to signal a deep commitment to Germany,” said Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi. “Germany is a little bit of a signal of what the new Uber can be like. We have to work with local governments and cities to make our model work.”

JUMP is an Uber start-up division as the company looks to make inroads into urban transport allowing commuters to book transportation utilizing bikes, trains, buses and cars.

Reuters reported bike-sharing has become more popular in Europe and North America after gaining traction in China.

While Khosrowshahi was making his announcement at the 2018 Noah conference in Berlin, dozens of German taxi drivers were outside protesting Uber’s presence. Some were holding signs that said, “Uber go home.”

Uber has faced much opposition in Europe. Some protests by taxi drivers have turned violent. Many courts have ruled against Uber forcing the company to shut down some of its services in Germany as well as France, Spain, Italy and Belgium. The company has also been accused of contributing to traffic jams in other major cities.