Umatilla County Commissioners Already Talking About Recreational Marijuana

New Medical Marijuana Enforcement in Kennewick?

Wasting no time this morning the Umatilla County Commissioners had a first reading of a ordinance that would impose a local tax on recrational marijuana.

With the passage of measure 91 Oregon now joins Colorado and Washington in the legalization of recreational marijuana. Marijuana also became legal in Alaska and Washington DC last night.

The unofficial vote in Umatilla County on Measure 91 is 63% against and 36% in favor.

In Oregon, local lawmakers will have control over the hours and placing of recreational marijuana shops but they will not have the option to enact an out right ban like in Washington.

According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Measure 91 will go into effect July 1, 2015, individuals can possess up to 8 ounces per residence and home grow up to 4 plants per residence.

Measure 91 requires the state to begin accepting license applications no later than January 4, 2016.