Deputy shoots, kills chimpanzee after it attacked woman in Pendleton

The chimp, named Buck, was a ranch owner's companion animal of 17 years.

PENDLETON, Ore. — The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office shot and killed a chimpanzee Sunday morning in Pendleton after it attacked a woman, causing severe injuries.

Deputies were called to 42251 NW Rieth Rd. around 8:00 a.m. after the owner called and reported the chimpanzee was out of its cage and had bitten her daughter.

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Lieutenant Sterrin Ward with the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office told KAPP-KVEW the victim suffered several bites to her torso, arms, and legs.

When deputies arrived, the adult victim was trapped in the basement, and needed immediate medical attention, according to Lt. Ward.

At the request of the owner, deputies located the chimpanzee and shot and killed it, according to Lt. Ward.

The lieutenant told KAPP-KVEW the chimp was a companion animal of the owner that she had had for around 17 years.

The adult male chimpanzee was roughly over 200 pounds, according to Lt. Ward. The animal was living at the site of a former animal rescue organization called Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue.

Lt.t Ward says this is the first time there’s ever been a problem with the chimpanzee.

Photos posted over the years to the Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue INC Facebook page show the chimpanzee, described as “the sanctuary’s founder, Buck,” performing tasks such as filling water troughs, unloading grain and hay, and eating at the dinner table.

The adult victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries, Ward said.


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