Umatilla man offers cash reward for his puppy’s safe return


IONE, Ore. — A Umatilla man is offering $300 for the safe return of his four-month-old rottweiler.

The puppy’s name is Henry, he is black and brown and has a shaved area on his hind leg because of a recent dog bite.

According to the owner Davie Salas, Henry was with a sitter on Saturday near the Emert Addition, a small community in Ione.

Between the hours of 5-8 p.m., the sitter let Henry outside to pee. That’s when Henry went missing. On Monday, someone told Salas they saw a black puppy being chased around by someone along Highway 74 near Ione on Saturday around the same time frame as when Henry went missing.

Salas says nobody’s come forward yet with any other information. He says he plans on visiting area animal shelters in hopes of locating his puppy.

If you have any information on Henry’s whereabouts you can cal Davie Salas at (541)300-0301.