Unique Ways to Show Seahawk Pride

Unique Ways to Show Seahawk Pride

The Super Bowl is a week from Sunday and fans are finding special ways to show their Seahawks spirit.

Barber Nico Rodriguez is known for his Seahawks deigns.

Today it was four-year-old Alijah Ochoa’s turn to get the Seahawk logo on the back of his head.

Despite his young age this isn’t the first time alijah has done this.

One interesting note, barber Rodriguez is a 49ers fan.

He refused to do any Seahawks cuts until after the NFC championship game.

But now that his 49ers are out of the playoffs and the Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl he’s waving the white flag and picking up the clippers.

Female Seahawk fans may not be willing to shave their heads but they’ve come up with other ways to show their Seahawk pride.

Blue and green are the hottest colors at area nail salons right now.

Some salons even have seahawks deacals for your nails.

You can get the hawk a football or a hawk helmet

Owners say they usually have about a five people a day some in requesting Seahawks colors.

So no matter your style is everyone is finding their own way to be the 12th man.