UPDATE: Bridle Drive flood shocks homeowners

Bridle Drive flood
UPDATE: Bridle Drive flood shocks homeowners

Richland homeowners are regrouping Saturday after a flood nearly washed away everything.

Our news team was live on scene when the initial flooding took place Friday.

Richland Public Works, and the Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) worked through the night Friday for 11 hours to restore the roadway.

The initial flow was shocking for homeowners.

“I was driving home from Home Depot and saw a wall of water heading toward me and I thought oh..my..goodness and that’s when I knew we had a problem, and so I immediately grabbed a shovel and went out and tried to do something but it was useless,” Richland Homeowner Douglas Quesnell said.

Quesnell has lived along Bridle Drive in Richland for 20 years and says he has never seen a flood of this magnitude before.

KID Engineer Operations Manager also explained how all of this came about.

“What happened is we had tumble weeds and construction debris that plugged a pipe that went underneath the roadway that the canal flows through, causing the canal to back up, raise in elevation, and overtop the roadway,” KID Engineer Operations Manager, Jason McShane said.

KID officials say their insurance company will be working with homeowners to help repair the damages caused by the overtopping.

Drinking water in Richland is unaffected, and crews will be working to restore irrigation water to the West and South Richland areas over the next couple of days.