UPDATE: Community rallies for and against KSD’s proposed speaker

A group plans to rally at a Kennewick School District board meeting against a presenter invited to speak to seniors.

Brad Henning is tentatively scheduled to give a talk about relationships on April 15 for seniors to make up snow days.

Some students, parents and community members have expressed disagreement, saying Henning’s views of men and women are sexist and omit any mention of LGBTQ relationships.

On the other side, Matt Kessie with Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities said Henning’s statements are taken out of context. He emphasized Henning’s message is a positive one and about safety.

He posted to Facebook criticizing those who are protesting Henning:

“Liberal critics are out to destroy this discussion because Brad stands for abstinence and does not discuss the LGBTQ agenda…This minority is causing a raucous with KSD…THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE RUNNING OUR SCHOOLS BUT MORONS ARE CAUSING THEM FITS!”

Protesters of Brad Henning said such words are all the more reason to speak up against Henning.

They plan to protest him at the KSD board meeting, Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.