UPDATE: Two Prosser teens arrested in connection to patrol car vandalism

UPDATE: Two Prosser teens arrested in connection to patrol car vandalism

Two Prosser teenagers are in custody following the vandalism of a Benton County Sheriff’s Office patrol car on Saturday.

The suspects threw about 20 large rocks over a fence at the Benton County Road Department West End Shops near North Hinzerling Road and Heck Road. One of the rocks completely smashed out the rear window of a patrol car parked behind the fence.

The unknown vandals then broke into the secured facility and caused further damage to the patrol car, breaking four windows and spray painting the word “Pigs” on the hood with white paint.

Based on additional graffiti sprayed on the patrol car, authorities believe the crime is gang-related.

The suspects also prowled three Road Department vehicles, removing three fire extinguishers from the vehicles and discharging them inside the patrol car.

Officials said the 16 and 17-year-old both have local criminal gang ties and were seen in the area where the crime was committed and identified as potential suspects.

The sheriff’s office searched the home of the two teens on the 20000 block of North Hinzerling Road in Prosser where they were arrested.

Officers found evidence of burglary from the Benton County Road Department.

Both teenagers are being held at the Benton-Franklin County Juvenile Justice Center for burglary, theft and malicious mischief.