UPDATE: Yakima police say drive-by shooting at Domino’s was gang-related

UPDATE: Yakima police say drive-by shooting at Domino’s was gang-related

Court documents show Yakima police are investigating a drive-by shooting Sunday at a Domino’s as a gang-related incident.

An employee at the Domino’s — 6 Union St.— called police about 12:45 a.m. to report someone had shot into the store, court documents said.

Police say a woman called shortly after to report her car —parked in the Domino’s parking lot — had also been struck. No one was injured.

In court documents, police say the victims targeted inside the Domino’s are documented gang members. Investigators found at least 18 shell casings near the shooting scene, court documents said.

Surveillance footage reportedly showed an older Nissan Sentra backing into a parking spot near the front of the store, driving out and shots being fired into the store. Police say they found the suspect car parked behind a home on the nearby Pitcher Street.

Officers noticed the home’s garage door was ajar and found the suspects hiding inside, along with gang-related graffiti associated with a gang rival to the victims’ purported affiliation.

Additionally, investigators say they found a handgun, magazines and various types of ammunition in the garage. The homeowner reportedly told police people break into the garage frequently and that they’d like it to stop.

The two teens — both 17-year-old boys — were arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.