US coronavirus death toll tops 100 and doctors warn hospitals are unprepared for continuing surge

(CNN) As the US reached bleak milestones in the coronavirus outbreak — all 50 states now have cases and deaths top 100 nationwide — health officials say that the American healthcare system may not be prepared for what comes next if residents don’t heed warnings to limit their interactions.

“The bottom line is things will get much worse,” Dr. James Phillips, an assistant professor at George Washington University Hospital, told CNN Tuesday night. “We need to focus on keeping people on the front lines in the fight so we can continue to provide care to the patients. In the long run, this is about patients and keeping people from getting sick and dying.”
The past two days have seen dramatic jumps in the number of cases. Atleast 6,135 people have been infected with the virus in the US and 111 have died.
“We’re at a significant risk of overwhelming the number of beds we have,” Phillips said.
To keep that from happening, guidance from city, state and federal leaders echoes the same bottom line: stay home.