Vaccine incentives: Tri-Cities residents weigh in

Tri Cities Residents Weigh In On Covid 19 Vaccine Incentives

RICHLAND, Wash. – With money and prizes now up for grabs if you get the COVID-19 vaccine, or have already received it, some Tri-Cities residents had a lot to say about the matter.

Viewers replied to a KAPP KVEW Facebook most saying they’re even more skeptical of the shot with these new incentives. One person commented: ‘If it’s good, why is bribery needed?’

Another, found Governor Inslee’s announcement ‘fishy,’ while others still stand firm; they do not want the vaccine.

KAPP KVEW’s Madeleine Hagen went to the Richland Farmer’s Market to ask people from the Tri-Cities and beyond how they feel about the incentives.

“It’s a good way to get everybody in there and get it all done. It’s great for the right people,” Chuck Noe from Kennewick said.

Noe hopes the prize money, free tickets and gift cards up for grabs will convince more people to get vaccinated against the virus.

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Others like Mike Beckler and Michael Dawkins said getting the vaccine should be a personal, medical decision, uninfluenced by outside factors.

“Well everybody to their own, I don’t think you have to do something for money all the time,” Dawkins said.

“I think it’s up to the individual person, it’s up to them if they want to or not. I got vaccinated but I still wear a mask so people around me are comfortable,” Beckler added.

Many others said they didn’t care or hadn’t even heard about the vaccine incentives; they declined to be on camera.

Other KAPP KVEW viewers commented, ‘the incentives may work for people who are apathetic,’ or ‘having them won’t hurt.’

Up for grabs in the Washington Shot of a Lifetime giveaway is a one million dollar cash prize, as well as four $250,000 prizes.

Companies like Alaska Airlines is offering free travel, and several Washington sports teams are also giving away free tickets to vaccinated individuals.

The Washington Department of Health with draw names throughout the month of June, all you have to do is get vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, you’re already entered.