Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

By Craig McKeachie

A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt can be as big or small as you wish, hosted in your home or somewhere else, and as over-the-top or as quiet as you want. Your sweetheart is sure to love all the attention; you’ll earn big points, and maybe even a few kisses, for your efforts.

You’ll want to think about a theme and final gift/clue and map out your Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt around those. Your theme could be red and pink, your first date or romantic movies/songs. Depending on your budget and relationship length, the final gift could be a romantic home-cooked meal, dinner and drinks at an intimate restaurant, concert tickets or even a special piece of jewelry.

The length of time will be determined by how many clues you write. You’ll want enough to make it feel like a game, but not so many that it takes too long and the mood is ruined. Five to seven clues will probably be enough. Craft stores sell patterned sheets of paper that you can use in your printer. Use a fancy font for the words for an extra romantic touch. Seal the clues in envelopes or small boxes with chocolates.

Next, you’ll want to think about writing the clues and where to hide them. If you want to keep it intimate, keep it around your home and yard. Be sneaky and hide the clues between book pages, tucked under a pillow or in soap or steam on the mirror. For a proposal or big anniversary, you could spread it across your town. You’ll probably need help from friends or family to make sure none of the clues go missing. Enlist servers at your favorite coffee shop or cashiers at a local store for assistance.

The clues can take any form you wish. Use poetry, song lyrics, movie quotes, groups of pictures or even try your hand at writing your own. Two to four lines, rhyming or blank verse, should be long enough. Writing your clues around your theme will make the whole feel more cohesive and special.

Gifts don’t have to clear out your wallet. Spread out a dozen roses, two per clue, and end with a special dessert for two by candlelight. Put together a photo collage and frame it in a fancy way. Pair clues from lyrics or famous quotes with tickets to a concert, play or movie. If your sweetie is a runner, maybe an entry into a fun race would be appreciated.

A Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt is a memorable way to propose. Your clues could be about your first date, the little things you love about her, or places nearby the two of you love to go. End with a final clue that talks about how you want to spend the rest of your life with her and give her the ring. Celebrate the happy moment with a good bottle of wine or champagne.

Make a scavenger hunt part of your Valentine’s Day this year. It’s a truly thoughtful gift that will show your special someone how much you love him or her.