Vampire enthusiast spends 30 hours in coffin

Vampire enthusiast spends 30 hours in coffin
Stevi Rogers via CNN

ST. LOUIS (WANE) — The 3-hour coffin challenge at Six Flags Fright Fest in St. Louis is exactly what it sounds like: Competitors see who can last the longest inside a coffin.

One winner said that for her, it was no big deal.

“I have a fascination for vampires. Everybody that knows me knows that I’m that kind of a freak; anything that has to do with vampires, is all up for game for me,” said Stevi Rogers of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rogers laid in a coffin for 30 hours, with 6-minute bathroom breaks every hour and a few special challenges along the way.

If laying in a coffin doesn’t sound scary enough, how about adding tarantulas and chainsaws?

“So they chased me with chainsaws all the way back to the caskets,” Rogers said.

After she completed the challenge, Rogers walked away with $300 – and the casket.

“I’m going to turn it into a book shelf. I’m going to make the little inserts myself and until I can get that done, it will just be my coffee table in the meantime.”

She also said she feels more connected to the coffin after her experience.

“You started developing that pattern so it kind of became a routine. Now that I’m actually out of the contest, it’s unreal to realize, oh my gosh, I have freedom, I don’t have to race to hurry up and get back in that coffin or else I’m disqualified.”

She said the experience was worth it.

Several Six Flags locations across the country are celebrating Fright Fest with the coffin challenge.