Veteran support project hits Walla Walla

Veteran support project hits Walla Walla

The Red Badge Project, inspired by Air Force veteran and television star Tom Skerritt, is aiming to help veterans recover after service.

The program is coming to Walla Walla next Friday. It will encourage veterans to put the pen to the paper and recreate a space free from judgment through writing.

Skerritt, along with a team of experts, are hoping The Red Badge Project will help veterans fight post traumatic stress in a non-clinical way by generating coping skills through the art of storytelling and laughter.

Many of the workshops are also based on comedy film class techniques to help wounded warriors learn how to shed their past through positivity.

Starting Dec. 1, the class will meet for three weeks on Fridays and Saturdays at the Walla Walla Public library.

If you would like to register, call the library director Beth Hudson, (509) 524-4433.