Veteran’s car, service dog stolen

Veteran’s car, service dog stolen
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A 76-year-old Navy veteran is unable to sleep after someone stole his car — and his beloved service dog, Lady Bug.

Jack Steinman is a proud veteran of the Korean War, but he turns sad when he remembers what happened Tuesday night.

Steinman and a friend made a quick trip to an Auto Zone store in Glendale, Arizona. All they needed were brake pads. Steinman left Lady Bug in his car, locked and running, so she could stay in the air conditioning.

“Why did I ever put her in this kind of harm? Why?” Steinman said.

But minutes was all it took for someone to steal Steinman’s car, with Lady Bug inside. He said he doesn’t care about the car, but he needs Lady Bug to come home.

“I don’t have nobody else,” he said. His wife is gone and his boys have families of their own, he said.

Lady Bug is a 2 1/2-year-old poodle mix that’s trained with voice and hand signals.

“Please bring her home but don’t be mean to her,” Steinman said. “Please just bring her home or let me know or whatever — but don’t be mean to her.”