Video of Kennewick Olive Garden waiter singing draws praise from internet

KENNEWICK, Wash. — People have been buzzing about a local Olive Garden waiter who who sang a spectacular rendition of the “Happy Birthday Song” for a pair of twins.

West Richland resident Amy Haddox said she took her daughters Hannah and Ella out to eat at the Olive Garden off Gage Boulevard on Saturday for their 17th birthday.

She said their waiter was named Alphonso, and her family mentioned in passing that they were celebrating a birthday.

At the end of the meal, Alphonso brought out dessert and offered to sing. Haddox said she and her husband, both of whom used to be waiters, said he didn’t have to.

Alphonso replied that he wanted to sing, Haddox said; and when he started, the sound of his voice prompted her to rush to grab her phone start recording.

“The restaurant was silent. Everyone burst into cheering and applause when he was done,” Haddox told KAPP-KVEW. “He was very humble and just walked away to continue working.”

She said she sent the video to a Facebook page called Bitchy Waiter, which has over 900,000 followers. Since the video was posted on the page, it has received more than 89,000 views along with dozens of shares.