Video shows kids screaming as reportedly drunk bus driver completes bus route in Washington

Newly released video shows a school bus of terrified children shortly before the driver was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated in Longview, Washington.

ABC News reports Catherine L. Maccarone, 48, was arrested on September 12 after a Longview Public Schools student called 911 to report he suspected she was driving drunk.

Good Morning America obtained hours of footage from the bus. The video shows children screaming as Maccarone drives erratically.

Maccarone could be heard yelling and rambling incoherently, the video shows.

“I am crazy,” she told students. “I’m totally crazy.”

A young male student called 911 after he was dropped off. In the recordings of the call, the boy can be heard saying Maccarone drove through three red lights with students still on board. He said Maccarone was “wobbling” and said he could tell in “her eyes” that “she was drunk.”

ABC News reports police pulled Maccarone over and could smell alcohol on her. She was arrested for driving under the influence and reckless endangerment.

There were no children on the bus when Maccarone was arrested, but she had completed two bus routes that afternoon, police told ABC News. Up to 90 children may have been on the bus that day, District Communications Coordinator Rick Parrish told ABC News.

Maccarone was placed on leave while an investigation was launched. She has since resigned.

“The safety and security of students and staff is a top priority at Longview Schools,” said Superintendent Dan Zorn. “Putting our students at risk with irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.”

According to ABC News, the district has also implemented a new safety procedure to improve the process for screening bus drivers prior to them beginning their routes.

Maccarone will be in court on October 15.

ABC News contributed to this report.