(VIDEO) Tree comes crashing down in Prosser amid powerful windstorm

PROSSER, Wash. – A tree in Prosser came crashing down on Monday after a windstorm swept through the area.

The terrifying moment was caught on camera by Kena Colvig, who can be heard screaming in the video.

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According to Trish White Reinmuth, who lives at the home, no one was injured and the house was not damaged, but there is extensive landscaping damage.

White Reinmuth told KAPP-KVEW about two dozen trees at her neighbor’s house also came down during the windstorm.

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“Family is fine. Lots of landscaping damage. But blessed that none of the trees damaged the house or injured someone. We’ve never experienced wind like that and we’ve been in this exact home for 18 years. Our neighborhood (we are in a private road with 2.5-5 acre lots) had around 24-25 trees go down. No one was injured and no houses majorly damaged. Mostly just clean up, relandscaping which will take forever,” White Reinmuth explained.

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