Vienna metro hands out deodorant to riders during heatwave

19-year-old dies after inhaling deodorant spray to get high
Darren Kidd

Metro rail staff in Austria’s capital handed out thousands of deodorant sprays to help passengers cope with this summer’s intense heat.

According to The Telegraph, metro riders in Vienna grabbed all 14,000 deodorants in one day. Daniel Amman, spokesman for the Wiener Linien public transport company, said the deodorants were “torn out of our hands.” Amman added that he didn’t believe Viennese passengers’ odors were any more offensive than anyone else’s, but the donation was “primarily intended as a consolation,” and, “high temperatures can also make one more aware of odors.”

Vienna’s U-Bahn system does have mostly air-conditioned cars, but some routes have the trains running overground for sections, exposing them to the hot Vienna sun. Temperatures of 95 degrees have been recorded in some cars.