Viral video shows Kennewick police officer punch theft suspect seven times

A video has gone viral on Facebook showing two Kennewick police officers arresting a man.

The video was posted by Jeffrey Maddux overnight.

In the video, you see an officer Taze the man, who then falls on the ground. He’s then told to get on his stomach.

Then, shortly after, another officer arrives at the scene, and punches the man on the ground in the back seven times.

We have reached out to Kennewick police, who have confirmed that these are two of their officers.

The department has provided this statement in response:

On 10-29-2019 at 4:07 PM, KPD officers were called to the area of 15 N Huntington St, the Benton-Franklin Transit Station, for a report of a male that broke out a window of a pickup truck and was removing items.

KPD officers responded to the area and observed a male suspect inside of a fenced off compound attempting to hide. Officers observed the male hiding in a bus within the fenced off area and gave him several verbal commands to exit the bus and to give himself up. The male suspect, later identified as Gordon Bailey (51), refused to comply with the officers commands and continued to conceal himself inside a bus.

Officers entered the area and verbally contacted Bailey to exit the bus. He did not comply. As officers moved closer, Bailey exited the bus and fled, climbing over a fence and continuing to run away. Bailey was told several more times to stop and to give up. Bailey continued to flee. As officers closed in on Bailey’s position, he again attempted to climb over a fence. At this point, Bailey was warned that a taser would be deployed if he did not comply. Bailey did not comply and a taser was deployed in an attempt to stop and apprehend him.

A KPD officer gave additional verbal commands for Bailey to go to the ground and to put his hands and arms out. Bailey did not immediately comply and a warning was given to him that if he did not go to the ground, there would be another taser application. Bailey went to the ground. Direction was given to Bailey to place his hands out to his sides and he did not fully comply. A second officer arrived at about this time and both officers moved in an attempt to handcuff Bailey.

Bailey verbally and physically resisted their efforts to install handcuffs. Several strikes were applied to Bailey’s right side and lower back area in attempt to gain compliance from Bailey and to get handcuffs applied. Bailey was arrested without further incident.

Bailey was transported to the hospital where he was medically cleared.

Bailey was booked into the Benton County Jail for Vehicle Prowl, Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree, and Resisting Arrest.

KPD has been made aware of a video of the incident. As with all use of force instances, the Kennewick Police Department investigates and reviews the actions of the involved officers to ensure that their actions were within policy.