Volunteers helping volunteers: Tri-Cities community launches website featuring local nonprofits

All in Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, Wash — Members of the Tri-Cities community have joined forces to make it easier for people to give back during the coronavirus pandemic.

All in Tri-Cities was recently launched to help the community easily navigate what nonprofits are out there and need assistance.

“We’re trying to make it easier for folks to understand what the best avenues are to direct donations, their time and other resources to best be able to have some kind of impact,” said Roger Bairstow, executive director of the Jubilee Foundation and one of the people behind the new effort.

Along with the Jubilee Foundation, the project brought together representatives from PNNL, Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties, United Way and more. The group identified nonprofits they wanted to feature through interviews and input from community leaders. They tried to pinpoint trustworthy, locally-based organizations that have an established track record of delivering high quality service and are already on the ground running.

“We wanted to make sure that we can keep it fairly simple,” said Bairstow. “If people know they want to do something to help those who need housing assistance, there are three choices.”

Along with housing, featured categories include food security, families and children, health care, small businesses and the arts community. If people don’t have money to spare, they can also find ways to volunteer their time.

“We recognize that this is going to be a long-term recovery that we’re looking at, and families getting back on their feet might take a while” said Bairstow. “So we’re going to be around for awhile and this page will be active and live until we don’t see the need.”

Click here to visit the All in Tri-Cities website. If you’d like to see if your organization can be featured, click here.