Vyleesi: a new medication to increase libido in women

RICHLAND, Wash. — With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be looking for something to spice up the bedroom with your partner. For some people, it’s easier said than done.

Well you’ve heard about Viagra for men, but what about women?

There’s a new FDA-approved drug to increase women’s libido. It’s called Vyleesi and it’s a self-injection that can be taken at anytime, lasts up to 72 hours and can be used up to eight times a month.

It works by boosting the hormones in your brain to increase dopamine, yet is not addictive.

Doctors and nurses with Columbia Shores OBGYN said getting more options for women has been a long-time goal for them.

Registered nurse, Rachel Weber with Columbia Shores Regenerative Health Services, said, “there’s a lot of post-menopausal things that you just don’t know about. If a man is able to take a medication and a woman has a dry issue, then it has to be okay to talk about and help.”

Patients are happy that they now have more control over their sexual health, but according to Dr. Bahnmiller also improves physical health as well. “It’s actually improving overall health including heart disease, and decreases stress and anxiety… so from physical to psychological or emotional well-being.”

The Tri-Cities Sexual Health Center in Richland is the only clinic in the Mid-Columbia that offers a holistic approach to improving health. Their team works in collaboration with Columbia Shores Ob/Gyn, Longaker Counseling Services, Riverview Ob/Gyn and Therapy Solutions.

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