Walla Walla businesses, police foundation repair elderly woman’s slashed tires

Walla Walla
Image credit: Walla Walla Police Department

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — After an elderly woman found her car damaged and her tires slashed in a senseless act of mischief, community members and organizations banded together to help the victim out during her time of need.

According to a press release issued by Walla Walla Police Department’s Sgt. Fulmer, the victim called local police during the daytime on Tuesday, July 20. The incident took place during the previous night while she was asleep in her home. Local police arrived on the scene and assessed the car, determining that the tires were damaged beyond repair.

Responding officers summoned help from the Walla Walla Police Foundation to assist the elderly victim. The foundation contacted two local businesses —  Lightfoot Towing and Les Schwab Tires —  to see if they could assist with the situation. Each party agreed to help out at a discounted rate to make a valuable contribution to a community member in need.

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On top of that, the remainder of the cost was covered by funds from the Walla Walla Police Foundation. All four of the victim’s tires were replaced in the process, allowing her to drive safely as needed.

WWPD did not release any further information regarding their search for the suspect. Without surveillance footage, it will be very difficult to track down the person who did this. If you have any information that may contribute to the police search for the suspect, reach out to WWPD at (509) 527-4434.


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