Walla Walla celebrates Adam West Day

Walla Walla celebrates Adam West Day

The city turned into Gotham City to honor Adam West on his birthday, which will now be dubbed “Adam West Day” on every September 19th in Walla Walla.

Adam West was born in Walla Walla in 1928 and graduated from Whitman College in 1951. He lost his battle against leukemia back in June.

Citizens gathered downtown as the city cemented their new holiday to honor original Caped Crusader, naming a road after Adam West and giving his family who were in attendance a key to the town.

Local Businesses around the town decked out their windows with Batman memorabilia to pay tribute to the late actor who played “The Bright Knight” on TV in the late 60’s.

Two of his children, Perrin Anderson and Nina Tooley said the outpouring support they received from the city was astounding.

“It’s been really incredible to see what the town of Walla Walla has done for his birthday,” said Tooley. “They’re really no words to express how special this is for us.”

“The whole town has embraced it,” said Anderson. “As you walk around town in every window, there’s a sticker or a photo.”

There were events throughout the day to honor West, including the bat signal that shined on the Marcus Whitman Hotel in the evening.