Walla Walla homeless camp relocating

Walla Walla homeless

The Walla Walla homeless camp is officially moving locations.

Council voted to relocate the encampment from near the Veterans Memorial Golf Course to the service center parking lot next to the police station.

The hope is to keep a better eye on the camp and keep it safe.

The city and the Walla Walla Homeless Alliance agree this move is for the best.

“It will be a very secure site which will be great for our campers, and for our community where people are concerned about their safety so we think this is a really good solution,” Chair of Walla Walla Homeless Alliance, Chuck Hindman said.

“It takes the impact away from businesses and citizens, so it places the burden of the location of the site squarely on our shoulders where is should be,” City of Walla Walla Communications Manager, David Brauhn said.

Two hundred people showed up to the city council meeting last night and dozens shared their input on the issue.

The new ordinance approves the location for one year until the city can find a permanent solution.

The new lot will also have night security to enforce camp rules.