Walla Walla PD arrests repeat sex offender for exposing himself to an underaged girl

Walla Walla police warn of man’s alleged sexual behavior near schools

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — A man with a history of sexually lewd and inappropriate acts was arrested by Walla Walla police after an underaged girl reported that he exposed his genitalia to her earlier this week.

According to a release by the Walla Walla Police Department (WWPD), local authorities were alerted to a male suspect who pulled up to a juvenile girl in his vehicle on Olive Street. He allegedly struck up a conversation with the victim, remarking on her looks repeatedly. During the conversation, it appeared that the man lied about his age, per WWPD officials.

The juvenile girl approached the suspect’s vehicle, but as she got close, it became evident that he was exposing his genitalia. She promptly left the area, per police officials.

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She described the suspect to local authorities, who gathered previous contacts and arrests with overlapping similarities. Officers and detectives were able to identify a prime suspect. They contacted this man on Thursday, June 3, and were able to confirm his identity as 36-year-old Joaquin Avalos.

This isn’t the first time that Avalos has gotten in trouble for similar scenarios. Police officials identified him from a previous incident in which he was caught masturbating to pornography near Whitman College’s Reid Center. Just a few weeks prior to that incident, Avalos was arrested for communicating with two underaged Walla Walla High School students with immoral intentions.

At the time, local law enforcement said that police were concerned Avalos would try to engage with students at other schools in the area. Due to his track record and prior convictions, Avalos is facing felony charges for indecent exposure.


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