Walla Walla PD: Suspect bounces away from officers

Walla Walla PD: Suspect bounces away from officers

Walla Walla officers are looking for a man who said “tata for now” and bounced away from police.

On Aug. 30, police found 31-year-old Tigger Janson near Chestnut Street and Fourth Avenue. He had a warrant for his arrest. Police did not disclose what the warrant was for.

When officers walked up to Janson, he jumped onto the side running board of a truck.

Driving that truck was Christopher Osborne, 52. He sped off with the Janson hanging on the side.

As the duo said “tata for now,” police soon located Osborne at a home near Hobson and Madison streets. He was arrested for rendering criminal assistance and providing false statements. A woman at the home was arrested for an unrelated warrant.

Officers believe Janson took off from the home through the backyard and hopped into the Mill Creek Channel.

If you know where Janson is, call police at (509) 527-1960.