Walla Walla PD welcomes new puppy to fill veteran K9’s position

Walla Walla
Image courtesy of the Walla Walla Police Department

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – With strong backing from the community, the Walla Walla Police Department (WWPD) is filling the shoes of a beloved K9 officer named Farel, who’s preparing for retirement after an exhilarating life of fighting crime.

According to a release issued by WWPD Sgt. Gunner Fulmer, Farel’s replacement is currently being raised and trained at a facility in Iowa. The unnamed puppy is too young to bring back to Walla Walla just yet.

Officer Travis Goodwin, who is K9 Farel’s handler also, will head to Iowa in the Fall to help train the puppy. This will give them a chance to get acclimated to each other before Goodwin officially becomes the pup’s handler.

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Training and raising a puppy to become a police K9 is no joke. It’s costly, intensive and requires plenty of dedication from both the young dog and its handlers. In order to fund the acquisition and training of this puppy, the Walla Walla Police Foundation raised $20,000 from its supporters and community members.

WWPD officers announced Farel’s retirement and their K9 fund on Feb. 10, 2021. Just under a month later, the city is preparing to welcome its next lovable K9 crime-fighter.

K9 Farel is preparing to kick back and relax after serving the community for five years. According to the Walla Walla Police memo, 10-year-old Farel is preparing to enjoy the luxuries of life after putting his own safety on the line to protect the community.

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Farel is going home with Officer Goodwin, who he worked with for several years leading up to his retirement.

Officers say that the new puppy will don his WWPD uniform for the first time as soon as he can grow into it.


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