Walla Walla Police Department deactivates social media pages

Walla Walla PD: suspect ‘points gun at group of juveniles’, punches officer in the face
(Walla Walla Police Department)

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – Social media accounts connected to the Walla Walla Police Department were seemingly deactivated this week.

Their pages can no longer be found on Twitter or on Facebook.

This comes on the heels of controversy surrounding one of their officer’s tattoos – which some have called out as racist.

The police department was not immediately available to give comment or to confirm their reasoning behind taking down the social media pages.

In one particular Facebook group, a user who we will leave anonymous wrote the following message about this development:

“WWPD took down their social media pages. They’re scared. They don’t want transparency. KEEP CALLING THEM TO DEMAND THEY FIRE NAT SMALL.

EVERYONE I know: Call the Walla Walla Police Department and demand they fire Nat Small for his Nazi SS tattoo. It takes 2 minutes. Directions below:

1. Call 509-527-4434. Press 1. Ask to speak with the Chief of Police. If he does not answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE.

2. Use the following script: My name is ___ and I live in [city, state]. I am calling because one of your officers, Nat Small, has an SS tattoo that is a symbol of genocide, fascism, and hate. Symbols used by Nazis don’t represent safety for those in your community. I am calling to demand you fire him from the police force. Badge number 226.”