Walla Walla police investigate suspicious missing person case

Walla Walla police investigate suspicious missing person case
Courtesy: Kevin Donovan 

Walla Walla police are investigating a missing person case after a woman comes home to find her roommate gone, and blood spattered in their home.

Crime scene tape blocked the home on South 4th Avenue, just south of Birch Street, after the report came in a little after 6 p.m. on Monday.

The roommate told police she came home to find their house in disarray and a “large amount of blood everywhere, but no roommate.”

Police were on the scene for several hours Monday evening, but they put a pause on their investigation as night fell.

KAPP-KVEW spoke with a Walla Walla officer on Tuesday morning, who said they cannot disclose the name of the missing person yet.

The officer we spoke with added that they plan to serve a search warrant and bring in detectives to more thoroughly investigate when there is more daylight.

To protect the crime scene, police put the roommate in a motel for the night.

We’ll bring you updates on this developing story as soon as they become available.