Walla Walla VA to host vaccination clinic for eligible veterans

RICHLAND, Wash — Veterans of all ages can receive their COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday at the Walla Walla Veterans Affairs vaccination clinic.

The appointment-only, drive-thru event will be held in the parking lot of Richland’s Federal Building from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Public Affair’s Officer Linda Wondra said in order to be considered eligible, the veteran must be registered for health care with the Walla Walla VA.

“All of our weekday and weekend events have been successful and we’re pleased with the response we’ve been getting from the veterans wanting to get signed up,” Wondra said. “But there’s always room for more appointments.”

Wondra said the VA has currently administered thousands of vaccines to both veterans and employees.

“For veterans we’ve provided 4,182 first-dose vaccinations and 2,640 second doses. All together including employees, we have provided 7,757 vaccinations,” Wondra said.

Wondra added that the goal of these clinics is to help veterans return to the new normal.

“We want to keep the, healthy and one way to curb this pandemic is to get as many veterans vaccinated as possible,” Wondra said. “We have plenty of vaccines and there aren’t any restrictions besides being enrolled at the Walla Walla VA.”

Both the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be offered at the clinic.

There will also be events on Saturday held in La Grande and Lewiston.

To schedule an appointment, call call 509.525.5200, press ‘2’ and then ‘2” again (or ask for the Call Center). Masks are required while on VA property and officials ask for people to show up 15 minutes early.

If you need additional help or have questions about the vaccine process, you can contact Linda at 509.386.1117.

For more information on upcoming clinics, click here.