Walla Walla’s Main Street: What makes it special

Walla Walla’s Main Street: What makes it special

Walla Walla’s Main Street in all it’s glory grows with more foot traffic and business as the years go by.

Just ask Carolyn and Roger Van Gohren, back in town for a 50 year reunion at Whitman College.

“It’s changed a great deal,” said Carolyn Van Gohren. “The frequency of wine tasting rooms, I don’t think there were any at all when we were in college here during the 1960s,” she said.

Guy Glaeser is a little newer to the Walla Walla area. For him Walla Walla’s Main Street is all he knows.

“For me it gives a lot of nice opportunities for wine tasting,” said Glaeser. “I can enjoy all of the things that I like about Main Street, but I can also do it with people that I know and that I am getting to know every time I visit,” he said. “My neighbors, my friends are here too.”

For many who live in town, all their favorite destinations are on one stretch of road.

“I frequent Olive which is right across the street probably once a week,” said Glaeser. “I think we go to Bright’s Candies probably more than we should,” he said.

Main street, a utopia for food lovers.

“There’s a lot of excellent restaurants within a stone’s throw from where you taste wine,” said Glaeser.

Restaurants like the Walla Walla Bread Co.

Once a small bakery on Main Street, and now a full scale restaurant.

“There’s such a wonderful local community emphasis on making Main Street in Walla Walla great,” said Michael Kline, co-owner of the Walla Walla Bread Co.

“We were one of the few businesses on the block and now the block has been full for a number of years, the buildings are being renovated, so we are seeing that investment from the community getting put back into Main Street and it just makes it feel special,” he said.

“The people always reveal themselves to be very friendly and nice,” said Glaeser.

“Really for us, it’s a second home,” said Kline.